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Sorry Board Game

Board Game Rentals

Having a group over, going on a mini staycation or vacation, or just wanting to play some new games but don't want to buy them? Then our board game rental program is for you!

How does it work?

Great question! It is super simple, $10 per game for a 5 day rental. We are offering our library of games for you to rent. Games are available to rent during our regular business days up to 8pm. 

See list of games available from our Library below!


BONUS!!! Any game you rent you receive a 10% discount if you buy your own copy when you return the game on time!

What We Need

Your Name, Phone Number, and Address.

A valid Credit Card is needed to put a pre authorization on to hold the game. 

A valid piece of ID.

Extra Charges

There will be a $5/day Late charge Fee if the game is not brought back in time. Any games that are missing pieces or damaged will be charged accordingly. Any games that are not brought back will be charged full price (as you basically just bought the game!)

Library Games

We have a HUGE list of games available, so fee free to contact us if you have any questions!

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