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Our Story

We are two nerds who love playing games, so why not open our own Board Game Cafe!! 

Nick is a HUGE NERD.... His love for board games started at a young age. It became a staple in family get-togethers and holidays. After nearly 14 years as a carpenter he decided to pursue his passion and dream. Nick loves board games and becomes extremely passionate when discussing them. When he's not busy playing games or crafting new projects, you can usually find him outdoors and testing his skills as a Search and Rescue volunteer with Juan De Fuca SAR. If you want the ins and out of a certain game he is your go to person.

Alyssa is a Food NERD... With a background in culinary services for over a decade, she knows what she's doing. Alyssa takes pride in her food and loves to experiment with new flavours and concoctions. She loves creating tasty creations whether savoury or sweet, so be sure to taste everything on the menu! When she's not busy getting dragged outside with Nick, she's probably planning an event with her friends or an outing with our pup. Also keep an eye out for Alyssa near the Christmas holidays volunteering with the Mustard Seed in gift wrapping!

Our Vision

Board with Friends is all about community and a place to call home. Everyone is welcome to our store and our vision is to make each customer's visit a unique, fun, and friendly one. We are all about remembering your name, or the games you played. We want you to feel like you are part of the Board with Friends Family. You will see us always checking in with our guests, being friendly and welcoming. Come down and see it all in action for yourself!

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