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So, You've Been Eaten

So, You've Been Eaten

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In So, You've Been Eaten. the Miner and the Beast face off against one another. The Miner earns points by collecting crystals, and the Beast earns points by developing immune responses and by its bacteria attacking the Miner.


The Miner wins instantly by collecting all eight different crystals, and the Beast wins instantly by digesting the Miner after the attack of four bacteria of the same type. Of course, there's always the possibility that the Miner will simply pass through the Beast's system, in which case the player with the most points wins!


So, You've Been Eaten. can be played as:


A game for 2 players, with a Miner player against a Beast player.

A game for 1 player, with the Miner player against a sleeping Beast.

A game for 1 player, with the Beast player against a robot Miner.

A game for 0 players, with a sleeping Beast against a robot Miner.

—description from the publisher