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Four Humours

Four Humours

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In Four Humours, you are a doctor in medieval times, and everyone knows that your personality is determined by an imbalance of your bodily fluids, a.k.a., the four humours:


  • Choleric (Yellow bile) - Goal-oriented, decisive, ambitious.
  • Sanguine (Red blood) - Talkative, enthusiastic, social.
  • Melancholic (Black bile) - Analytical, detail-oriented, reserved.
  • Phlegmatic (White phlegm) - Relaxed, peaceful, easy-going.


The kingdom — composed of six map tiles with various locations — is filled with all types of personalities, from choleric sorcerers to phlegmatic peasants. ​Prove you're the best medieval doctor by visiting citizens throughout the kingdom so they can live out their life's ambitions...or lack thereof.

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