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Decorum: Movin Out Expansion

Decorum: Movin Out Expansion

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You and your partner have mastered moving in together. You’re totally fulfilled! But wait... Now you have to move out!? How will your relationship hold up when the moving van runs out of room for all your precious curios?! When your smart car can’t carry your boxes, your partner will surely pack them for you... right?? Onto the next adventure - Decorum: Movin’ Out. Let’s get movin’!


Play through 20 unique scenarios, as you wrestle with the best ways to persuade… erm, agree... on which vehicle to pack your lamps and antiques in.


The Movin’ Out expansion introduces new challenges, including moving boxes, bubble wrap, and vehicles!


Explore how best to wrap your breakables, what goes on top of the car instead of in it, and of course, what stays in the house while you move out!


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