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Hunt a Killer: Death at the Dive Bar

Hunt a Killer: Death at the Dive Bar

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A murder at the local dive bar. A mysterious, masked figure. A small town full of suspects. When owner Nick Webster falls from a cliff behind his roadside tavern, his death is ruled an accident. But one of his employees suspects foul play, and she needs yout help to prove it. Do you have what it takes... to Hunt A Killer?


Players will assume the role of private investigators working together to uncover the truth about what happened to Nick Webster. Along the way, you'll investigate suspects, string together clues, and crack a few codes to unravel the mystery and bring a killer to justice.


You'll need to discover clear means, motive, and opportunity to find the killer. Accomplish this by carefully examining realistic witness statements, photos, items from the scene, codes, and other evidence to find the answer.


Hunt A Killer: Death at the Dive Bar is an immersive murder mystery experience.


—description from the publisher